Amazon to once again sell the Google Chromecast and Apple TV

By Chris 15 December 2017, 2:12

Amazon has re-listed the Google Chromecast and the Apple TV, as first spotted by CNET. This is significant since Amazon removed both devices from their website two years ago after being unhappy with the state of Amazon Video on both platforms. This should relieve tension between Amazon, Google, and Apple, which may be the first step to avoiding the upcoming ban of YouTube on the Fire TV by Google.


The return of the Apple TV to Amazon is no surprise and was almost expected. That’s because Apple CEO Tim Cook announced earlier this year that an Amazon Video app would soon be released on the Apple TV. With the new app’s arrival last week, it seemed like Amazon and Apple had come to an agreement so there shouldn’t be a reason to keep the Apple TV off of Amazon.

What is very surprising is the arrival of the Chromecast on Amazon. With Google’s recent decision to ban access to YouTube on the Fire TV on January 1st, it seemed like disagreements between the two companies were at an all-time high. There’s no way to know at this point if Amazon’s relisting of the Chromecast is part of a larger agreement the two companies have made, or if it’s Amazon making the decision on their own. Regardless of the circumstances, this is good news for consumers. If these companies play nice, it keeps them from putting up walls that block intercommunication of devices and media access.

Source: AFTV

Amazon to once again sell the Google Chromecast and Apple TV
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