Blink discontinues SmartThings support

By Chris 20 December 2017, 7:12

Without prior warning, users of the Blink security cameras have been told that the support for SmartThings integrations will be discontinued as of the 19th of December. This comes only a month after Emberlight's cloud based service shutdown, showing that IoT only devices only last as long as their cloud based service.

Whether this is the start of the downfall for Blink is still unknown. The notice email received by a long-term Blink user was posted on Reddit yesterday, and has had the community up in arms.


Oh this pisses me off. My wife just bought me three and my son in law two. They’re under the tree. I told her what to buy based on the ST integration. Damn. - /u/tallglassofmelonade

What a surprise, non-opensource totally cloudbased services screw you over when you have long-term hardware connected to it. - /u/UnreasonableSteve

Well, I just about pulled the trigger on these camera a few weeks ago because of the ST integration. Glad I procrastinated just long enough. - /u/blinduvula

Source: Reddit

Blink discontinues SmartThings support
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