Give the Gift of Technology this Holiday Season

By Cassandra 13 December 2017, 7:12

Gift shopping can be difficult. It is not an easy task remembering who likes or dislikes what. What did you get them last year, what did they get you? All the while making sure you don’t re-gift anything to the wrong person. Best of luck trying to juggle all of that whilst waiting in long lines inside busy malls or trying to get the best deals before they sell out online. You almost have to possess some kind of Christmas superpower when it comes to shopping over the holiday.

What do you opt out to give/receive this year, five body and bath sets or a third box of chocolates? Giving electronics as a gift might seem like a lot of work, but it will make the gift a lot more tailored and present you as a lot more thoughtful individual.

No matter how early Christmas shopping starts, finding the perfect gift for every one on your list can be tricky. Imagine giving your kid an Android instead of an iPhone, or an Xbox instead of a Play Station or vice versa…


That long anticipated gift...

But how do you find the “right” gift and also ensure it is fully compatible with other electronics the “gift receiver” might already own? Or perhaps you decided to treat yourself for once, or get something the whole family would enjoy? With so many electronics and companies competing to push their products to the market, there are several differences that the consumers must be aware of; such as software and hardware compatibility.

Some users expect all their devices to be fully integrated/compatible, but it is not often the case. Smart Home technology for example, is extremely useful and can make your life so much more convinient, there are so many Smart Home devices and brands currently on the market. But some brands/devices are simply not compatible with each other and some older electronics and appliances are simply no longer supported by their manufacturer.

Gifting Smart technology presents a problem, because some devices cannot be fully integrated with others. However, there is a solution to this problem. Buy an All-in-One system such as the Oomi Smart Home Kit which gives you full control of your home from your fingertips, including security and energy monitoring. Moreover, Oomi is fully integrated with Amazon Alexa, Nest Thermostat, and Phillips Hue lights. For more information, visit

The take-away: before gifting electronics, ensure the product is fully compatible with the existing system (by checking online or contacting the manufacturer), or invest into an All-in-One system. Happy Shopping!


Give the Gift of Technology this Holiday Season
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