Google Assistant updates its smart home partners

By Chris 03 January 2018, 2:1

Google launched Assistant with only a few third-party services integrated, but the list has swelled to monstrous proportions since then. It seems like new options are being added every day, and the truth might not be far off. Google hasn't added to its official list of smart home integrations lately, but it just pushed a big update with several dozen more services.


Here are all the newly added services on Google's list:

MagicLight | Lights
gizwits (Gokit) | App
Candy Bianca | Washers, Dryers, Kitchen Appliances
Top Link | App
Home Switch | Switches
Dexatek (SigmaCasa) | Plugs & Switches
Netro Sprite | Sprinkler Controller
Tigo Smart | App
JuiceNet | Electric car chargers
ecobee | Thermostat
EufyHome | Cleaning, Lighting, & Health Appliances
realKNX | App
Lux Products | Thermostats
Smanos | Alarm Systems
Danale Smart Life | App
Cool Smart | Cameras, Plugs, Switches, Lights
Hiu Smart Home | App
Sengled Home EU | Lights, Security
GE Lighting (C by GE) | Lights
Smarter Applications (Smarter Kettle) | Kitchen Appliances
Intelligent Home | Intelligent Home by Connected Design, Inc.
automationBridge | Smart Hub
Bond Home | Smart Hub
S-Board | Floor System
Melissa Climate | A/C Controller, Water Heater Controller, Smoke Detector, Motion Sensor, Flood Detector, Door/Window Sensor
HouseBot | App
Nature Remo | Air Conditioner
Spruce Irrigation | Smart Controller and Sensor
Smitch | Smart Hub, Lights, Camera, Security System
CNCT Life | Plugs
CoolBreeze | Air conditioner
Dishwasher State | App
Tuya Smart Life | Smart Platform
Vivitar Smart Cameras | Cameras

To be clear, these are not all 100% new. Some items on the list, like Ecobee, go back a month or two. Google is just now updating the list to be current. Some devices on this list we hadn't even heard of before, though. If you have one of these devices (new or just kind of new), you ought to be able to add your account info in the Home app or the Google Assistant settings.

Source: AndroidPolice

Google Assistant updates its smart home partners
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