Samsung Discontinues Smart TV Integration For SmartThings

By Chris 20 December 2017, 3:12

Samsung has apparently discontinued SmartThings support for its own TVs, according to a recent community post by a Samsung Moderator answering a question regarding the service’s availability. No explanation was given as to why the feature has been disabled but the functionality will not be coming back, according to the same source. As a result, Samsung smart TV owners are no longer able to control their TV sets using the SmartThings platform.

The system allows users to control connected home appliances and smart devices through a smartphone hub application, and last year, the SmartThings Hub was updated to support Samsung TVs, allowing users to control their compatible TV sets remotely through their handsets. However, this functionality has now been removed from the platform, as recently confirmed by a moderator on the official Samsung Community pages. Unfortunately, no additional information was provided as to why support has been pulled, but the moderator reaffirms that the SmartThings Hub itself has not been discontinued; only its TV functionality was removed

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Samsung Discontinues Smart TV Integration For SmartThings
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