Sky Q and Netflix Finally Make Peace

By Chris 06 March 2018, 1:3

Sky and Netflix haven’t been the best of buddies, and until now the streaming service has been seen as a rival – something that might make Sky users question their expensive subscription.

But the companies have not only reconciled, they’ve teamed up in spectacular fashion. Sky has confirmed that Netflix content will be wrapped up and included in the Sky Q service, adding thousands of hours of UHD programming, and offering customers a single place to access all their TV.

Netflix users will be able to access the service via a Sky Q app. Pretty standard stuff, but there’s a twist to the tale.

Sky and Netflix are launching a special TV package, which will offer people the chance to get a blended mix of programs in the Sky Q EPG. Sky confirmed that customers will get the full Netflix service, from new Originals to the older network stuff and movies, but you won’t need to hop between services to find something to watch. What’s more, you can search using the Sky Q voice service and your remote.

There’s no word on pricing yet, and hopefully people won't be made to pay a premium on top of the Sky TV + Netflix Premium plan, which is necessary to access Ultra HD quality streams. Who knows, maybe the two companies can muster up a discount – we can but dream.

There’s also no word on exactly when this will be available, but Sky promises that Netflix customers will be able to seamlessly migrate their account.

The news comes hot-on-the-heels of a bigger Sky Q update announcement about the availability of Spotify, improved machine learning content recommendation and HDR technology. Sky Q already boasts AirPlay and can support a Wi-Fi mesh for top-notch coverage of your home. In short, it’s becoming an all-in-one entertainment powerhouse with the capability to start integrating with your smart home. And the news that Comcast is looking to get in on the action shows this might just be the beginning.

Source: The Ambient

Sky Q and Netflix Finally Make Peace
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